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Casa Rural

Molino de Bretun 

Molino de Bretun - Garduña
Dos noches:170 €170 €
Cinco noches:350 €350 €
Siete noches:420 €420 €
One day: 80 €
*Weekend/ two days: 140 €
*Week: 350 €

Unique season
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Molino de Bretun - Garduña
The kitchen and the living room are upstairs. Both from the kitchen as from the living room there are very nice views.
The double bedroom with bathroom is downstairs. This area has a special charm, so it is a cave between rocks, which we have achieved that natural light comes inside.
*Kitchen: Ceramic hob, dishwasher, microwave, fridge (refrigerator)
* Salon with fireplace, television 42? and 2 single puff-beds.
*1 double bedroom with bathroom.
KIND: Casa Rural CAPACITY: 2 + 2 RENTAL: full


Indoor kit

Bathroom in the bedrooms, Heating, Pets, TV in living room

Outdoor kit



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Its traditional architecture of the High Lands of Soria, is one of its appeals. Brown and blue tones, from the earth and from the sky, they frame the old mill, the stone laundry, the small hermitages, the Gothic of the church and the rock that once were silt. It belongs to the Ichnites Route of the Dinosaurs, with different sites: Matesca, in the beginning of the village and with a sculpture of triceratops, the Corral of la Peña, the front and the Fountain Lacorte. The Gothic church is dedicated to San Pedro Apostle and there are some angels of American-Indian style in the high areas; Bretún also has two hermitages dedicates to the Saint Christ and to Saint Cristina. Some sheep flock can be seen grazing through the term. It belongs to the Natura Net 2000


*Ichnites: The different size that the footprints present, drive to think in big groups of dinosaurs, existing, of this way, as adult individual like individual of small size. Furthermore, the biggest curiosities, so it is possible observe in the rock a rough skin of a dead dinosaur, next to the skull and the limbs.

*Paleontological classroom (Villar del Río): The Paleontological Classroom of Villar del Río is a expositive and didactic place which objective is show the meaning of the ichnites deposit of the region of “Tierras Altas of Soria”, a place of world importance in the knowing of dinosaurs and other Mesozoic reptils .

*Monuments: The Gothic church is dedicated to San Pedro Apóstol and it has a pair of hermitages dedicated to Saint Christ and to Saint Cristina.


Mountaineering, Gourmet routes, Hiking - Trekking, Mushroom, Mountain biking - mountain biking, wildlife watching, etc ...

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